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This film is about the relationship between family members and what family is. 

What is "family"? The director says that family would mean having different individuals gathered to make a pleasant trip. 

The director says a family would be a relationship that seems to know the best but doesn't know each other at the same time, a relationship that loves each other the most but hurts each other at the same time.

How shall we look at the family? It is the second story that singer-songwriter AHN Seung Joon and director HONG Nari made for their daughters. "Okay, then What's going to happen to us?"



Adventurer's Lullaby

04:10 | drawing on paper & Ipad | 2021


Animated & directed by Nari Hong
Music - "Adventurer's Lullaby 재밌는 여행" by Seung Joon AHN

곤충그림 pictures of insects by Yumin AHN

풀소리 sound of grass by Jian AHN

- final list -

May 25, 2022 VAFI & RAFI - International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival (Varaždin, Croatia)

March 26, 2022 High Tatras Film & Video Festival (Prešovský kraj, Slovakia)

- Honorable Mention -

October 7, 2022 Emerald Coast Film Festival (Santa Rosa Beach, Flolida, US)

June 10, 2022 Ceylon International Film Festival (Santa Barbara, California, US)

May 21, 2022 Nassau Film Festival (Princeton, NJ, US)

- Official Selection -


Feb. 2. 2024 Children's Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, US)

Mar. 24. 2022 TAAFI - Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (Toronto, Canada)
Mar. 9. 2022 Clapperboard Golden Festival (São Paulo, Brazil)

Aug. 1. 2022 Festival del Cinema di Cefalù (Palermo, Italy)

 Jul. 16. 2022 TimeLess Film Fest (California, US)

 Apr. 23. 2022 Northern Festival of Cinema (Newcastle, UK)

Dec. 17. 2022 ZINETXIKI ZINEMALDIA - International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Bilbao, Spain)

Jun. 10. 2022 AmiCorti International Film Festival (Piemonte, Italy)


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